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Floyd Mayweather Jr Reveals The Reasons Behind His Retirement

In a recent interview Floyd Mayweather Jr opened up about his uncle Roger’s recent health issues and how they have contributed to his decision to retire.

The modern day version of Floyd Mayweather Jr is a little more thoughtful and circumspect than was his predecessor. Sure we still get the occasional glimpse of the “Money” Mayweather persona. There will be outlandish social media posts containing pictures of obscene amounts of cash, or snippets of brash trash-talking. More often these days, however, this old formula is diluted by moments of maturity, clarity and calm.

Take the build-up to his recent fight with Manny Pacquiao for example. There was plenty hyperbola in the months leading up to “The Fight of the Century”, but considerably less of it came from Mayweather than would have been expected. Maybe it was because he didn’t feel such a show was necessary, and that the fight more or less sold itself. Whatever the reason, the Floyd of 2015, pre and post Pacquiao, seems to be a man choosing his words more carefully.

This version of the pound for pound king was once again on display when he engaged in a candid chat with

In the interview, below, Floyd spoke briefly about his choice of Andre Berto as his “final” opponent, but the main topic of conversation was a deeper, more meaningful one entirely.

Floyd indicated to interviewer Ben Thomson that the primary reason for his decision to hang up the gloves was a concern for his long-term health. Though Floyd is currently showing few signs of the characteristic wear and tear of a long boxing career, he suggested that his experiences with his uncle, Roger Mayweather, have seriously impacted him.

According to Floyd, his former head trainer has been struggling desperately with health problems and a loss of memory. Though diabetes has played a role in Roger’s tribulations, Floyd is confident that punishment inflicted upon him between the ropes also played a part. Mayweather went on to reveal some tragic recent stories pertaining to Roger which illustrated the former fighter’s mental deterioration.

“It hurt’s”, said Floyd.

This is a video that will undoubtedly give those in the media who doubt Floyd’s sincerity regarding retirement something to think about.

“I love money, I like money, but say what you wanna say, my health is more important than anything”, asserted the sports world’s biggest earner, with conviction.

Aside from addressing his retirement and his uncle, Floyd also spoke about his father. Some of the dialogue in this section of the interview was interesting in the context of the aforementioned Mayweather metamorphosis.

“I don’t like how he falls into the trap of so many different reporters”, said Mayweather of his namesake.

Floyd Sr, has been known to let his mouth run in interviews, and has often been quoted as saying some rather controversial things. Perhaps this new Mayweather mark that we are seeing is just a son trying to learn from the of his father, and his own past. This new mature Floyd is a man tired of being perceived as reactionary and unintelligent.

In fact, towards the close of the video Floyd stops mid sentence to state “let me say this over, because I don’t like to sound dumb”. It was a hesitation that brought an insight into a man that for all his achievements and seeming arrogance, obviously struggles with his own self esteem, just like anybody else.

It was refreshing to see this vulnerable side to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

You can see the whole interview here.

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Author: The PA Team

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