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Master Troll Mayweather Teases Fans With Octagon Entrance Video, McGregor Responds

At a press conference ahead of his boxing match with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor last year, Floyd Mayweather Jr. sent millions of eyes rolling when he suggested that the Pay-per-view peddling pair might one day rematch inside McGregor’s native combat environment – the octagon.

Few, if any, believed Mayweather but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to tease the combat sports world with further talk of a leap to MMA.

In his latest masterful trolling display, Mayweather posted a video of himself entering an octagon at an unidentified gym, bouncing around barefoot, and pacing back and forth.

Mayweather recently posted a picture of the $100 million cheque that he received for his boxing bout with McGregor on August 26th of last year (and that was just his guaranteed purse, remember). If that’s what he was demanding for a fight in the ring, where he had a massive advantage in terms of skills and experience, what sort of cheque would be required to lure him into the unfamiliar environs of the octagon? Does WME-IMG have enough cash in the coffers to even write such a cheque?

Of course, Mayweather’s little clip quickly caught the attention of McGregor, who gave it a retweet, adding a message.

“Hahahaha very good,” wrote ‘The Notorious’ Irishman. “Keep up the good work my son. 

“Yours sincerely,


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Author: The PA Team

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