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Watch: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Confirms Conor McGregor Rumours – Says Fight ‘Is Possible’

Floyd Mayweather Sr. lent some weight to rumours of a possible fight between his son and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor on Friday night, when he was interviewed at a Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame event.

The former fighter revealed to an EsNews reporter that the supposedly retired Mayweather Jr. had told him of plans to battle “some kind of MMA fighter” in the not too distant future.

On Saturday, “Money May” himself addressed the rumours when he spoke to

Unsurprisingly, the 39-year-old former pound for pound king expressed far less certainty than his father had the previous evening, but he didn’t completely disregard the recent murmurings either.

“It’s possible,” said Mayweather. “It’s possible. It was a name that was shot at me. The rumours that you all have been hearing are the rumours that I started. It may not be a rumour. So keep your fingers crossed, it may be a boxer vs an MMA fighter”.

Asked if he was excited by the prospect of “merging” the two sports, the business-minded Michigan native made it clear that such a fight would only be about one thing.

“You already know my number….Every time I go out there and compete at the highest level, my number is, of course, 100 million[dollars] or better. I feel like I can demand that because I’ve broken all the records in the sport of boxing”.

Despite the talk coming out of the Mayweather camp, this fantasy fight likely remains just that – fantasy.

MMAFighting journalist Ariel Helwani succinctly summed up the situation as it stands via Twitter on Friday, the day that The Sun published the now infamous report that started all of this chatter.

The pay terms suggested within the report were that Mayweather would earn £100 million, while McGregor would earn a fraction of that, at £7 million – a similar payday to that which he would have reportedly earned for a UFC 200 bout with Nate Diaz, although the newspaper may have been suggesting that this £7 million figure did not include a cut of Pay-per-view revenue.

Given that he would be stepping away from his comfort zone and into a boxing match with the best pugilist on the planet, McGregor would undoubtedly be seeking a much larger sum than he could earn in his own sport.

You will find very few experts or insiders from either boxing or MMA that will tell you this fight could actually happen.

However, what the Mayweather assertions indicate perhaps, is that the idea was at least broached in some manner and those involved may yet be considering the possibility that this cross-discipline match-up could be pieced together.

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