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Even With Manny Pacquiao On The Horizon Amir Khan Can’t Stop Thinking About Floyd Mayweather

Amir Khan is still clinging desperately to the possibility of a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

At the beginning of August, I speculated that Floyd Mayweather’s retirement may bring the welterweight division back to life. The main point of my thesis was that without the possibility of a mega-money Mayweather fight to inspire hesitance and cautious match-making, the best welterweights in the world would be left with little other option but to pair off against each other.

Though it’s too early for me to say that my optimism was misplaced, at least one of the world’s premier 147-pounders remains seemingly transfixed on the silhouette of Floyd riding off into the sunset.

Amir Khan looks set to secure a bout with Manny Pacquiao, a huge fight in it’s own right, and even still Mayweather’s name is never far from his lips. In fact, during a recent interview for Sky Sports show Ringside, Khan had far more to say about “Money” than “Pacman”.

“I think Floyd Mayweather will have one more fight. He’s on 49-0 and he knows that. He’s got one more fight left in him. At the moment he’s matching Rocky Marciano’s record but he can beat him and get to 50. I’m there ready and waiting for him.”

“I think he thinks I’m too dangerous for him. I don’t think he’ll ever want to fight me. I bring too much to the table and would cause him a lot of problems.”

“I want to fight Manny Pacquiao next because if I beat him, maybe that will make Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement to fight me. The public demand would be huge.”

I almost feel that it’s time to give him the old “their are plenty more fish in the sea” speech.

Obviously, Khan may be proven correct. He isn’t the only one that feels Floyd will be back before long. Still, carrying on under the assumption that Mayweather is never to return would be best for his career. He has already sacrificed some of his prime years waiting in hope.

Amir, mate, it’s time to move on.

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Author: The PA Team

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