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Top ESPN Commentator Says Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor Will Happen

The fact that former professional basketball player and current ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose is saying that the proposed Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor boxing match is going to happen might not sound like huge news.

However, it does become a little more intriguing once you consider that Rose has history when it comes to breaking big Mayweather-related stories.

Last January, the former NBA star became the first one to reveal that the former pound-for-pound king’s long-awaited showdown with Manny Pacquiao would take place in Las Vegas on May 2nd.

During a recent edition of his ESPN Radio show Jalen and Jacoby, which he hosts alongside David Jacoby, Rose reminded his audience of this tweet before claiming that Mayweather and McGregor are likely to announce the fight in the near future.

“I got some breaking news, the Floyd and McGregor fight is going to happen,” said Rose with an air of confidence. “Floyd and McGregor will probably announce in a month”.

The fight however, will not be in the near future, according to Rose.

“It will be in May, the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby, in 2017,” he said, astounding his co-host. The 43-year-old former Point Guard remained unflappable however, and assured Jacoby that he had already made arrangements for accommodation in Sin City for that weekend.

“I’ve already booked my room in Vegas for the first weekend of May for this fight” 

“The only way it doesn’t happen , is if the combatants and/or the business changes going forward. But as of now, all signs lead to this happening”.

Rose’s source for this information remained under wraps throughout the segment but it seemed to be coming from inside the Mayweather camp, as he stated “It would be breaking news if I revealed my sources”.

One of the major stumbling blocks to this fight happening in the eyes of most knowledgeable observers, is the fact that McGregor is contracted to the UFC and they are unlikely to allow their biggest star to venture beyond the realms of MMA for such a contest. Rose however, had an explanation for this as well, and it was pretty simplistic.

“Basically what they will do is that [the UFC] will get the same percentage as if he was fighting on a UFC card”.

That would be a pretty significant chunk of the pie, Jalen.

You can watch the relevant section of the show below.


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