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Watch: Dana White’s Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Brings Mayweather/McGregor Hype To New Levels

Dana White

UFC president Dana White has been one the biggest believers in Conor McGregor for a long time now. White has cited McGregor’s self-confidence as a huge factor and even compared it to that of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

In promotion of the upcoming boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, Dana White joined Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night.

Needless to say the upcoming fight was the main topic of discussion between the pair. Similar to the majority of the public, Jimmy Kimmel diminished McGregor’s chances.

The talk show host even went as far as to compare the fight to a cricket team taking on a major league baseball team.White quickly dismissed such talk however and expressed once more his total belief in Conor McGregor.

 “Conor McGregor will be completely unorthodox in his fight with Floyd Mayweather and it’s what makes the fight so intriguing.”

The UFC president wasn’t quite so convinced that Floyd Mayweather would be able to transition quite so smoothly however. White also compared Conor McGregor’s confidence to that of Muhammad Ali’s.

“Three seconds, that thing would be over real quick.”

“The thing is throwing punches is a part of what we do in the UFC and Conor McGregor can throw some punches. That kid hits hard, the confidence this guy has in himself is unbelievable. I haven’t seen anything like this since Ali, it’s incredible.”

Conor McGregor most certainly has got an incredible self-belief, however this comparison is likely to anger boxing fans.

McGregor has been compared to Muhammad Ali ever since he burst on to the scene. However, Ali is a hero to most boxing fans, the majority of which see McGregor as a joke to their sport.

Of course, the comparison makes sense as McGregor’s self-promotion is amongst the best ever. Just look at how Conor McGregor managed to find himself in this situation.

You can watch the clip right here.

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