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Conor McGregor Has Just Responded To Floyd Mayweather’s ‘8 Ounce Gloves’ Announcement

On Tuesday night, a Floyd Mayweather post on his official Instagram account caused a huge stir with the boxer claiming that he would be wearing eight-ounce gloves on August 26th.

Mayweather’s post in full stated that:

Don’t believe what you hear in the media. Don’t believe what you hear on blog sites. If it’s not coming directly from me, then it’s not true. I’m telling McGregor, “Let’s fight in 8 oz gloves”. McGregor can fight in any brand he prefers or chooses. I’ll be wearing 8 oz Grant gloves. Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I’m willing to accommodate. Let’s give the boxing and MMA fans what they want to see.

However, despite the seemingly clear message that Mayweather was delivering, many were sceptical that there was any truth behind the words.

McGregor and Mayweather have already signed contracts detailing the glove stipulations for their Las Vegas bout and, given the 154 lbs weight limit, Nevada Athletic Commission rules seem to restrict the fighters from wearing gloves under 10 ounces.

Now, Conor McGregor has responded to Mayweather’s teasing suggestion and it seems as if he doesn’t care one way or the other…

Given the contractual amendments and negotiations that would need to take place with the NAC for the gloves to actually be reduced to eight-ounce, we’re pretty certain that the bout will go ahead as planned with both fighters wearing the previously arranged 10-ounce mitts.

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