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Carl Froch Is Already Hinting At A Comeback

Carl Froch has been officially retired for only four months, but the Nottingham fighter seems to be itching to get back in the ring already.

In late October, PunditArena reported that Froch’s former promoter, Eddie Hearn, sensed a “burning curiosity” in “The Cobra” regarding the punching-power of Gennady Golovkin. If you ask us, that sounds a touch sadistic.

Today, however, The Guardian is reporting that Golovkin isn’t the only fighter that could tempt Froch out of his inactivity.

Apparently the seductive sheen from James Degale’s IBF title belt, which once belonged to Froch, also has Carl contemplating a comeback.

“It’s an easy job for me and he’s world champion”, said Froch of the Degale task. “Come back, get my old belt back, show them all how it’s done and then retire. There’d be something satisfying about that”.

“18 months on from my last fight, I’m starting to think to myself, ‘You know what? I’m fit, I’m strong, I’m in good shape”, said the tough-chinned Froch, who also revealed that he has been “training every day”.

Perhaps the strongest indication that Froch is seriously considering stepping back between the ropes, though, was the fact that he already had a rough timeline in mind.

“If I did fancy it, I’m thinking spring next year”.

Froch being Froch, however, he seemed content to leave fans and the media guessing. “But it’s a big if. I might just stick with poker. The desire’s gone, it’s getting the desire back, what would I need? It might be DeGale beating [Lucian] Bute [later this month], coming back and mouthing off”.

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Author: The PA Team

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