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Carl Froch Has A Burning Curiosity About Gennady Golovkin – Eddie Hearn

Carl Froch vs Gennady Golovkin is something of a dream fight for hardcore boxing fans, and recent statements from promoter Eddie Hearn, will only serve to keep those dreams alive.

In July of this year, after a lengthy period of uncertainty, Carl Froch announced his retirement from professional boxing. It was a year since he had last engaged in battle, and he spoke of lacking the motivation to go on. He was coming off his most famous victory, a one punch knockout win over arch-nemesis George Groves at Wembley Stadium(the exact number of fans in attendance escapes me right now), for which he was paid a fortune. He had fought a who’s who of  the 12 stone division and his legacy as one of modern boxing’s bravest combatant’s seemed secured.

In many ways it seemed like the perfect time to bow out.

Except for the fact that every boxing fan in the world was desperate to see the super-middleweight puncher take on middleweight super-puncher Gennady Golovkin.

The fight had been teased for months, and at times it appeared to be a very real possibility. In the days prior to his retirement, Froch even teased fans with this tantalizing tweet.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that this was merely another example of Froch’s strange sense of humour.

“The Cobra” has since settled into a seemingly comfortable retirement, enjoying a cushy new role outside the ropes as an analyst for Sky Sports.

However, in a recent column for the Daily Mail, Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn, Froch’s promoter at the time of his glove hanging, revealed the details of an interesting conversation he had with the Nottingham bruiser shortly after Golovkin had methodically massacred David Lemieux at Madison Square Garden on the 17th of October.

“I had a call recently from a man who watches him[Golovkin] closer than most – Britain’s own warrior, Carl Froch”, opened Hearn. “He had me on the phone and was asking what I thought of Golovkin in his recent fight against David Lemieux. I thought he was excellent, but there is a difference in fighting a very good opponent like Lemieux and an excellent champion like Froch. People ask me if we will ever see it happen”.

Though the next sentence of Hearn’s piece sounded emphatically negative -“Froch is retired and that’s all there is to it”, he followed it up with several lines of hinting, teasing text.

“But I know that there is a burning curiosity in him about how hard Golovkin punches. He’s wondering if the power is what people say it is. The fact that he is always in such good shape, and that a comeback camp would not be the hell it is for some, means people will wonder”.

Perhaps this is just more Froch/Hearn trolling, but he really has us on the hook here. If ever there was a chin that could afford to be curious about Golovkin’s punching power it is that of Froch.

We will continue to hope.

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Author: The PA Team

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