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Boxer Gives Craziest Post-Fight Interview Ever

Cam F. Awesome may or may not be the Taylor Swift of boxing. We can’t be sure at this point.Ā 

Most of you are probably wondering what that sentence even meant. Well perhaps this insane interview will shed some light on the matter.

Did that help? No? We didn’t think it would.

The raving madman above is the artist formally known as Lenroy Thompson, now going by the fantastic moniker Cam F. Awesome. He is a super-heavyweight boxer who recently scooped the bronze medal at the Pan-American Games. This interview was conducted in the immediate aftermath of his semi-final loss, a fight he obviously thought he deserved to win.

Thompson is, aside from being a nutter of the tinfoil hat wearing variety, a talented pugilist who should have been in contention for a medal at the London Olympics in 2012. He failed to supply his whereabouts to drug testers for the conducting of out of competition tests, however, and he was therefore suspended. Probably just as well, as testing this man for the presence of drugs seems like a waste of cash.

The man known as Lenroy Thompson has since been replaced by one of the many personalities that once inhabited his head, Cam F. Awesome.

And quite a chap he is.

The 2016 Rio Olympics needs this man, and lots of him.

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