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Ariel Helwani Updates Us On The Latest Stall In The McGregor-Mayweather Fight

Speaking on his Twitter account, journalist Ariel Helwani provided the latest updates to the proposed super fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Helwani claims that the Nevada Athletic Commission have yet to provide Irish fighter Conor McGregor with a boxing licence as they have requested more information.

While Helwani claims that this is no reason for concern, many fans are beginning to grow impatient with this fight as the speculation cntinues to grow, with no deal made between the fighters yet.

If followers of either sport thought that this news was disheartening, Helwani’s later update won’t help.

Helwani also reported that Floyd Mayweather has not yet even applied for his licence to fight.

In a more upbeat update, Helwani did also report that there is great confidence held that the fight will in fact take place.

This news will be encouraging as many have questioned that this may in fact be a publicity stunt. A general feeling held by a large chunk of the public, feel that it benefits both McGregor and Mayweather to keep their names in the headlines.

There are those also however, who fill be disappointed with the news. Ever since discussions of this fight have begun, a number of both boxing and MMA fans have lamented the news.

These particular fans see no interest in the fight as they believe the idea of an MMA fighter attempting to face a boxer is ludicrous.

For the vast majority however, there is a thrill in once again witnessing Conor McGregor attempting to create history.

The fight does look more and more likely to take place, with this latest bump in the road, we may have to wait quite some more time sadly.

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena

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