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Secret Olympian: I’m Not Worried About Anybody, Amateur Or Professional, Ahead Of The Games

The Secret Olympian talks about the prospect of facing professionals in Rio and much more.

An Olympic year is a hugely exciting time and it’s great to see what it means to people. The well-wishes have been fantastic and the support is really helping me. I want to do well for these people, I want to win for them. All I have been thinking about is going to Brazil this year and being a winner. Winning gold at Rio is my only aim at the moment and it is all I’m focused on.

I know there has been a lot of talk about professionals being allowed to compete in Rio, with some people happy about it and others disgusted by the idea. Personally, I am delighted about the development. It has been headed that way since the last Olympics and certainly the last year or two it really started to grow legs.

In terms of the guys that I could potentially go up against, amateur or professional, I don’t believe any of them will beat me. I’m not really worried, it’s not going to bother me at all. I am feeling strong, fit and extremely well-conditioned.

My preparation has been perfect so far.

We fly out to Brazil on July 19th, and we’re there until it’s all over. My team have been over there already and everything is lined up, all the plans are in place and we are ready to go. It will be all systems go once we land. We will get straight into the sparring, suss out some opponents and see what we will face there.

This is what I live and breathe for right now. I cannot wait to get over there and show the world what I can do.

I have been asked quite a lot about what my plans are after Rio, but at the moment the Olympics are my only focus, so it’s not the right time to confirm anything. Once I get my hands on that gold medal, then I will set new goals and challenges for myself. I have great belief in myself. That is my power within, my self-belief, and that is what will stand to me in Rio this summer.

Check back with Pundit Arena on Thursday to discover the identity of our Secret Olympian.

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