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Emmet Brennan to refund fans who donated to Olympics GoFundMe

Emmet Brennan

A credit to the sport of boxing.

Irish boxer Emmet Brennan was knocked out of the Tokyo Olympics following a first-round defeat to Uzbekistan fighter Dilshod Ruzmeto on Sunday.

Brennan was widely praised for his extremely emotional and heartbreaking interview following the fight, where he was clearly crushed by the defeat.

He said that despite the odds, he thought he was going to win, and talked about the efforts he went through to even get to the Olympics.

Brennan, who fights out of the Docklands Boxing club in Dublin, took out a Credit Union loan and worked part-time to focus full-time on boxing and reaching the Olympic Games.

As he fought back tears, he said: “Without my family I wouldn’t be here. It’s gutting. I know I didn’t let them down, but you want to win here.”

He also said that he was battling a shoulder injury and that he had a problem with his ribs going into the Olympics, saying: “It’s tough. The biggest fight of your life and your body lets you down. It’s tough.”

Emmet Brennan GoFundMe

Following the interview being shared across social media, a GoFundMe account was set up to help Brennan pay back the Credit Union loan.

Brennan has since taken to Twitter to say that while he appreciates the thought behind the gesture, he could not accept the money, and that he is working to ensure everyone is refunded.

He also said that the Credit Union loan has already been paid in full by one of his sponsors.

He tweeted: “I am aware there has been a GoFundMe page set up for me to pay back a loan I took out to fund my training. I did not set up or have anything to do with the page, although it was set up in good faith.

“The loan has been paid back in full by a sponsor of mine. I appreciate everyone putting money into this, but I cannot accept this. I am trying to get everyone refunded as soon as possible.”

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