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Aidan Walsh reveals how he bounced back after injury denied him of Olympic semi-final

Aidan Walsh

“At the end of the day, it was physically impossible to fight.”

Aidan Walsh has revealed how he managed to bounce back after being ruled out of the Olympic semi-final with an ankle injury.

Walsh sustained the injury celebrating winning a fight which ensured he would get a bronze medal at the very least, which meant he had no chance of attaining silver or gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

Aidan Walsh

Aidan Walsh on his positive mindset

He said: “In life in general, you just have to be positive. I always just to try take the positives from everything in life. In that situation, it was hard, but the positive I was taking away from it was that I was an Olympic medalist. Everything that came after that, I couldn’t control.

“I took it all in my stride. At the end of the day, it was physically impossible to fight, that was it really. I’m here talking to you guys as an Olympic bronze medalist.”

Aidan Walsh on his future plans

When asked about potentially going professional, he said: “I want to see what I can do over the next few years. How far I can actually grow and push myself. I’ve got great times ahead.

“To be doing this alongside my sister (Michaela) is amazing, and it feels me with more joy than anything, other than medals. Long may it continue, it’s amazing.”

With the madness of the Olympics now almost behind him, Walsh said that the only thing on his mind was going to a caravan with his girlfriend, and enjoying lots of chocolate a Chinese and a can of coke.

He said that there were no sweets to be had over in Tokyo for the Olympians…

Walsh also described Team Ireland’s Kellie Harrington as “incredible” after her gold medal win. Harrington also returned on Tuesday, which you can read more about here.

Aidan Walsh

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