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“I’d Beat Him To A Pulp” – Malignaggi Issues Challenge To McGregor

Former two time-world champion Paulie Malignaggi has hit back at Conor McGregor by issuing a challenge to the UFC star for a “winner takes all” boxing bout.

McGregor and Malignaggi have had bad blood ever since their heated falling out and infamous sparring session during the Crumlin native’s preparation for his fight with Floyd Mayweather in August 2017.

The 30-year old had taken to Instagram over the weekend to call upon Malignaggi to stop “b**ching” posting a video of the pair verbally sparring from over a year ago.

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Let the record show. I like Paulie Malinaggi. Here is a confrontation between us regarding a picture he was upset about. Yes you heard that right. A picture. I told him here to his face. “Don’t be bitching.” Common knowledge I would think for a fighting man. Don’t be a bitch, bitching. The same thing I said to khabib at the end of round 3. My round. Don’t be bitching! Every single round bitching to the referee. He was even bitching in the fourth round from mount position. It baffled me. If anyone should have been saying anything to the referee, it should have been me in that 1st round. That round he held onto my legs for four minutes straight. With zero activity. But a fight is a fight who gives a fuck. Crying to the referee like a proper bitch. I was trying to dig my fingers into his Adams Apple. Many individuals in the fight business, I have learned lately, are absolute bitches. I know you’s are broke boys. But don’t be broke bitches.

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Speaking to Off The Brawl on Saturday Malignaggi took the time to hit back at McGregor challenging him to a “winner takes all” boxing fight, and outlined that he would “hospitalise” his opponent should a bout occur.

” [Eddie] Hearn can easily put the fight together, [Al] Haymon can easily put the fight together, Showtime have said they’d be interested in it – I don’t think it’s a no-brainer at this point. I don’t think it’d any secret at this point – there’s money in the fight.

“In boxing I’d be interested in it – I’d love to do a ‘winner takes all’ fight just so he can go for free but I don’t think he’d ever agree to that. I would love to fight Conor McGregor in a ‘winner takes all’ fight in a boxing match, I would absolutely love it because I would beat him to a pulp, I would hospitalise him and I’d make him go home broke too.”


Malignaggi was not short of vitriol when discussing McGregor calling him the “pinata of combat sports” as he criticised the former featherweight champion’s “longevity” in the sport.

“I think Conor knows his time is coming to an end. He has become the Pinata of combat sports, just like I predicted he would once he reached this level. He just wasn’t going to be able to hack it.

“A legacy is created over longevity and Conor McGregor has had no longevity – he’s just the punching bag of combat sports. So believe me, when Conor McGregor is gone and irrelevant in the next couple of years and I will make sure, in my time, that everybody knows how overrated he was and I will destroy whatever legacy he thought he was going to make because he’s a con-artist and I’ve been slowly uncovering how much of a con-artist he is.”

It’s clear that Malignaggi is pining for a fight between the pair and it will be interesting to see if McGregor responds to these latest comments.

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

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