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What Does Tyson Fury’s Foray Into The WWE Mean For His Wilder Rematch?

Tyson Fury has been known by the boxing world as a grand showman throughout his career, be it running into a press conference dressed as Batman to fight the Joker or resurrecting himself off of the mat from what should have been a decisive knockout blow.

Following a brutal 12-round win over Otto Wallin in September, Fury has decided to try flex his performing talent in the WWE against one of the organisation’s biggest wrestlers, Braun Strowman.

However, it is well-known that he has already booked a rematch with Deontay Wilder for February 2020. Said to be making £12 million in his WWE deal, does his move to wrestling put his boxing plans in jeopardy?

Fury’s Eye Needs Time To Heal

Otto Wallin proved to be a far more difficult foe to overcome than many expected after he broke open a double-wound above Tyson Fury’s eye early in the bout, which he continued to target for 12 rounds of boxing. Fury needed 47 stitches to seal up the gaping cut, which alone had many forecasting a February date with Wilder as being too soon.

Now, Fury’s delving into the physical arena, which is most likely against doctor’s orders. Being a huge fan of the WWE, the gigantic Brit wasn’t to be denied this opportunity, but the cut is certainly going to be a concern for many fans. That said, it seems very unlikely that Fury’s WWE performance would aggravate his injury.

There may be a lot of weight being thrown around at times, but when it comes to things like strikes and contact to the head, the choreography deployed in pro-wrestling at this level is very close to being no-contact. He has plenty of time to rehearse and get accustomed to this aspect as well, with it not taking place until 31 October.

The biggest potential roadblock between Fury vs Wilder in February is Wilder’s mandated bout with Luis Ortiz.

There’s Still A Massive Cuban In The Way For Wilder

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury first battled in December 2018. Fury had only recently completed two comeback fights against very weak opponents following over two years out of the sport and still rocked a lot of the weight he’d gained during his hiatus. However, the Brit shocked the American with a solid 12 rounds, getting off of the mat twice and, in the eyes of most, did enough to win the bout.

It eventually ended in a dubious split-decision draw, with Wilder retaining his title. As a part of the rematch deal, Fury and Wilder were required to engage in two interim bouts each. Fury has completed his obligations; Wilder faces his second opponent, Luis Ortiz, on 24 November.

According to the Ortiz vs Wilder odds, the challenger doesn’t stand much of a chance against the champion. Wilder is the 1/8 favourite with Ortiz back at 9/2 and the draw set at 33/1. However, Ortiz did manage to rock Wilder in their March 2018 match but ultimately failed to take advantage of the opportunity that he created and ended up losing in the tenth round.

Ortiz himself has already taken issue with Wilder setting plans for the Fury rematch while he stands in his path. The boxer known as ‘King Kong’ stated: “I’m not sure why he is so confident that he’s going to walk through me.” Ortiz is smart, tricky to handle, and stifles through his sharp jab via the southpaw stance, but he’s now 40-years-old and didn’t seem to have the engine to finish a flailing Wilder when they first met in Brooklyn.

As it stands, Fury’s antics don’t look poised to threaten Fury vs Wilder II, with the most likely spanner in the works standing in the form of the 6’4’’ Cuban southpaw Luis Ortiz. He may not be favoured, but in boxing, anything can happen, and Wilder appears overconfident.

Author: Maurice Gleeson

Irish exile currently residing in Barcelona but stay up to the date with the latest in League of Ireland and the Premier League.