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Jason Quigley Hits Back At Criticism Surrounding His Professionalism

jason quigley

Jason Quigley and Eddie Hearn have become embroiled in a debate after the Donegal boxer responded to previous claims from the Matchroom Boxing promoter after he pulled out of a fight with Jack Cullen. 

The pair were due to face one another as part of the Dillian Whyte v Alexander Povetkin PPV on August 22nd, however, the fight never came to fruition with Hearn then taking Quigley to task for pulling out of the fight.

“We did have Jack Cullen against Jason Quigley. Jason Quigley pulled out of that fight last night which was really disappointing, to be honest with you,” Hearn told IFL in June.

“It baffles me, some boxers that haven’t been able to get themselves ready… maybe I don’t know the full story. It was disappointing.”

While Quigley didn’t address Hearn’s comments at the time, the Donegal boxer appeared on Off The Ball earlier this week where he described Hearn as “unprofessional” for calling him out and questioning whether Quigley was able to remain in fighting shape.

“I’ve been slated by a certain promoter that because I didn’t take the Jack Cullen fight that I can’t keep myself in shape over lockdown – but there’s always a bigger picture.”

“I thought it was very unprofessional of Eddie to come out and say that because he’s not my promoter, he has nothing to do with me, and for him to come out and say that – my promoters know me, I’ve never missed weight in my life, I’m always in shape, I’ve taken fights on a week’s notice before.”

“I was a little bit taken aback by that from Eddie. It was very unprofessional by him, the way that he came out and said it.

“Anybody that does know me – and that’s why it didn’t fire up too much – because everyone was like, right away, ‘this isn’t what Jason does, there must be something bigger lined up.’

“For Eddie not to understand that. I thought it was a little bit slack on his behalf. He knows this boxing game more than anyone, there’s always stuff changing in the background.”

“I had to bite my tongue anyway and stay quiet because I knew there were bigger things on the horizon.”

“Yes, it got to me when I heard it but I just brushed it off then after it. But I know I’m going to come in shape, I know I’m going to come ready, I know I’m going to make weight, everything like that, and once the word comes out then that there was a possible fight against Canelo then Eddie will be like ‘maybe I shouldn’t have said that.'”

Hearn has since responded to Quigley’s comments claiming he doesn’t understand Quigley’s comments.

“Basically, it was unprofessional for me to say that he wasn’t professional enough to be ready for the Jack Cullen fight? Then I don’t really understand it,” Hearn told IFL.

“We gave him the fight with Jack Cullen, he agreed to the fight, his promoter agreed to the fight, it was all approved and agreed, then he said he wouldn’t be ready in time.

“So that’s it.”

The high profile promoter also went on to pour cold water over the idea of Quigley fighting stablemate Canelo Alvarez.

“The great thing about Canelo is that he’s a real champion and he wants to fight great fighters.

“You know who I believe Canelo wants to fight? Callum Smith. He could go and fight Jason Quigley if he wanted to… not in a million years, he wouldn’t do that.”

“It wouldn’t be approved, I don’t believe [it].”

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