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Andy Lee Gives Insight Into “Master Of Mind Games” Tyson Fury

andy lee tyson fury

Andy Lee has praised Tyson Fury as a “master of mind games” claiming the Briton “played” Deontay Wilder throughout the entire build-up to their WBC heavyweight title rematch two weeks ago.

The pair go back a long way and are actually distant cousins, with the former world champion drafted on to Fury’s coaching team ahead of last month’s Las Vegas rematch where he put on a clinical performance en route to stopping the American in the seventh round.

andy lee tyson fury

Following the win, Lee spoke to Second Captains where he outlined Fury gained a vast amount of water weight before stepping onto the scales in order to deceive Wilder. Now, speaking with Boxing Social, the Limerick man has given more insight into Fury’s mind games claiming the ‘Gypsy King’ feigned injury during his training camp in order to find out if he had any moles.

“There was a couple of days where Tyson messed around to see if leaks would happen.

andy lee tyson fury

“He feigned injury or pretended to limp after a sparring session just to see what would happen.

“That’s the type of level of deviousness you’re dealing with, with him. Inside his own training camp, he’ll put on a show and play-act to see if anyone talks outside the camp.”

Lee would go on to call Fury a “master of mind games” claiming he had Wilder’s number at every turn ahead of their highly-anticipated rematch.

andy lee tyson fury

“Tyson’s a master of mind games, even when he’s not trying he can do it, you know?

“Yeah, Tyson just played him all the time, it’s performance. If you look at the press conference, Wilder put on a brilliant performance at the press conference, he nearly over-talked Tyson and out-talked Tyson but that was good because he left that feeling like, ‘yeah, I’ve got a victory there, I won that’

“But that also takes away a little bit from the fight from him. Tyson was just subdued, Tyson knew exactly what he wanted to do and when Tyson wanted to raise it like when he came out aggressive at the press conference Wilder was aggressive. And when Tyson was soft and nice, Wilder followed suit.

“So Tyson was playing him the whole time. Yeah, he’s a master of it. He does a lot of little tricks, I see him do interviews and he’ll come up with something out of the blue and you’ll be convinced it’s the truth but it’s an absolute lie.”


In a wide-ranging interview with Boxing Social, former Irish world champion Andy Lee discuss, Fury/Wilder, the prospect of an all-British showdown with Anthony Joshua and rising Irish stars Jason Quigley and Eric Donovan who Lee has also coached. 

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