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Andy Lee Details How Tyson Fury Managed To “Get Inside” Deontay Wilder’s Head

andy lee tyson fury

Tyson Fury looked the best he’s ever looked en route to defeating Deontay Wilder for the WBC World heavyweight championship title on Saturday night in Las Vegas. 

Fury dominated the previously unbeaten American from the first bell and went on to finish Wilder in the seventh round. Wilder’s coach threw in the towel on behalf of the, now, former champion.

andy lee fury

In what was one of the most eagerly-anticipated fights in recent heavyweight boxing history, many struggled to predict the outcome given how the first meeting between the pair went down in December 2018.

A lot of hype surrounded the pre-fight build-up, with a huge crowd turning up for the weigh-ins one day out from the rematch. A heavily pro-Fury crowd watched on as the lineal heavyweight champion weighed in at 273 lbs, the second-heaviest he’d ever stepped onto the scales.

Meanwhile, Wilder took to the scales at a career-heaviest 231 pounds. The American looked well-conditioned and ripped while Fury opted to keep his tank-top on during the weigh-ins, sparking debating surrounding his conditioning.

andy lee fury

However, upon outclassing Wilder in Saturday’s rematch, information has come to light surrounding Fury’s weight. Former Irish world champion Andy Lee, a cousin and coach of Fury, claimed that Fury was never as heavy as suggested and that immediately after weighing in he lost five pounds.

Lee also claimed that the weight clearly got into Wilder’s head and questioned whether or not the American was at a career-heavy 231 lbs prior to the fight.

andy lee fury

“I thought at the weigh-in… Tyson made a big thing about his weight, keeping his weight up and he really talked a lot about that and he weighed 273 (lbs) and to be honest, a lot of that was water-weight, a lot of that was water,” Lee told Second Captains.

“I think he went to the bathroom immediately after the weigh-in, he was holding in and I think he’d lost five pounds.

“But I think the weight got to Wilder’s head. Wilder weighed heavier than he ever had before. I’m not sure if that was his actual weight because he weighed in with his shoes and his trousers on. He could easily have had something in his pocket to make him heavier like weights or stuff like that.

andy lee fury

“And I think, like, I don’t think Tyson had to do a lot to get inside his head this time.

“When I witnessed Wilder getting wrapped, I had to go in and watch him getting his hands wrapped and they sent someone over to our team. I was just looking at him, really for the first time up close, and he’s not that big of a man.

“You know, compared to Tyson who is just an all-round bigger man. So, I really felt like that wasn’t his exact weight. he wasn’t 273.”

andy lee fury

Fury’s former coach, Ben Davison, the man credited with bringing the British boxer back from the brink, backed up Lee’s statement, claiming that his weight was a “manufactured” one and that he knows the heavyweight champion wasn’t as heavy as the scales suggested.

“Personally, I believe that was a manufactured weight on the scales. I don’t believe he was that heavy,” he told TalkSport.

andy lee fury

“I believe that was part of the mind games going on. I know Tyson, I know his body and I do not believe he was that heavy – in fact I know he was not that heavy.

“I believe his morning weight was more in the region of 18st 8lbs, 18st 9lbs. And obviously throughout the day as you’re eating and drinking your weight will increase there.

“But I believe the weight he stopped on the scales at was manufactured weight all part of mind games – which he is the master of.”

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