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Mike Tyson’s funny reply when asked if he could beat ‘beautiful’ Anthony Joshua

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson remains unsure on who would end up victorious in a hypothetical clash between himself and Anthony Joshua

Tyson is a former heavyweight champion who conquered the entire division by snatching all the available titles in 1988 aged just 21.

Mike Tyson

By comparison, Anthony Joshua is the current reigning heavyweight champion having collected three of the four major belts so far in his career.

Appearing on the Hotboxin’ Podcast, Tyson was asked who he thought would emerge victorious in a fantasy clash between the two heavyweights. But he chose to sit on the fence without a straightforward answer.

“Hey, I really like him,” Tyson said.

“You know what he is? He’s really a breath of fresh air.

“He’s really clean, he really looks clean, he’s a clean guy, he’s a clean fighter, he’s a good puncher.

“You just wish the best for him.”

Anthony Joshua

There’s no doubting that the legendary American boxer harbours immense respect for his British compatriot. But the 54-year-old was in no doubt of his abilities.

“I don’t know. My ego says, ‘nobody would beat you’,” he added.

“But you look at him and…” Tyson paused before jokingly adding, “He just looks beautiful!

“He just looks like a fighter, you know? He looks like he was born to do what he has to do.

“He needs more experience of course, but that will come in life.”

Anthony Joshua

Joshua, however, is pretty clear on the outcome of a potential face-off.

Back in 2017, the now 31-year-old claimed that he would’ve struggled to stand up to Tyson’s fury.

“Mike Tyson would have battered me,” he joked.

“There was no way I could have taken on that guy. I would have taken that paycheque.

“You know what I done against Klitschko in that 6th round when I took that dive? I’m joking.

“I give all credit and respect to Tyson. Even though Tyson is going on like 50 now, I still remember Tyson as the young, young 21-year-old.”



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