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Eddie Hearn recalls how he feared being punched by Mike Tyson when they first met

Mike Tyson

“I don’t know whether this geezer is going to give me a hug or chin me now.”

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has recalled a comical story from when he first met boxing legend Mike Tyson in Las Vegas.

Hearn revealed that he had the opportunity to meet the American in a club several years ago. The 41-year-old went over and introduced himself, but Tyson’s look managed to “put the fear of Christ” into the Englishman.

Hearn claimed that he was unsure as to whether the former heavyweight champion would give him a hug or a punch to the face.

Mike tyson

Eddie Hearn on  Mike Tyson.

Hearn is one of the most well-known sports promoters in the business and has played a role in promoting top-ranked fighters such as Anthony Joshua, Amir Khan, Katie Taylor and Billy Joe Saunders among several others.

He was a boxing fan growing up and idolised Tyson before he even entered the business as a promoter.

Hearn spoke with Tony Bellew on the Talk the Talk Youtube show and detailed his comical first meeting with his boyhood idol.

Eddie Hearn

“I met him (Tyson) in a club once – in Vegas,” the 41-year-old revealed.

“We were up in this VIP bit and he was up on his own – really sad.

“He had a lot of people around but you could tell he was actually on his own. I sort of went over to him and I’m like, ‘Hey, mate! How are you doing?’

“At the time I don’t even think I was promoting boxing. I was like, ‘Yeah, my dad’s Barry Hearn.’

Mike Tyson

“And he’s thinking, ‘One, who the f*** are you? And two, who’s Barry Hearn?’

“So I’m like, yeah, yeah. And he’s looking at me and he put the fear of Christ in me.

“I’m looking at him and thinking, ‘I don’t know whether this geezer is going to give me a hug or chin me now.’”

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