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Canelo Alvarez warns Jake and Logan Paul their boxing careers could get them ‘killed’

Canelo Alvarez Jake Logan Paul

“They could get them killed.”

Canelo Alvarez has warned YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul that their boxing careers could get them “killed”.

Alvarez questioned why the Paul brothers were handed boxing licenses and cautioned that the athletic commissions, who sanction the fights, would be held responsible if there happens to be a fatality during a contest.

Jake Logan Paul

Jake & Logan Paul.

Both of the Paul brothers are recent entrants into the world of boxing having originally made a name for themselves as YouTube celebrities.

The American duo boast several million followers across their various social media accounts. Jake has fought three times in his nascent career — against Ali Eson Gib, Nate Robinson and most recently against Ben Askren.

jake paul

The 24-year-old has defeated every opponent he’s faced so far in the ring and is looking to secure a fight against Conor McGregor next.

Logan, meanwhile, has featured in just a solitary fight against Olajide William Olatunji (KSI), which he lost.

However, the 26-year-old’s next bout is a high-profile clash against none other than Floyd Mayweather, slated to take place on June 6, in Miami.

Alvarez on Paul brothers.

Alvarez, speaking in an interview with Graham Bensinger, warned the Paul brothers that pursuing their careers in boxing could get them “killed”.

“They (athletic commissions) give them boxer’s licences when they’re not a boxer,” Alvarez said.

“They could get them killed. This is not a soccer game, they could get them killed.

“Why do they give licences to people who have never in their life even thrown a punch?

“If there’s a death, the commission will be responsible. Why? Because they issued the licence for the fight.”

jake paul

Last year, the Mexican fighter criticised the practice of YouTubers entering into boxing, claiming that the trend is motivated by the pursuit of money.

“You know, it’s all about the money,” Canelo told TMZ.

“You know, I don’t criticise (the Paul brothers). This is a very risky sport, and if you go up there, it’s very risky.

“I truly believe that it’s a lack of respect. It’s all based on money. It’s all for money.”

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