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Liam Smith apologises for alleged homophobic comments towards Chris Eubank Jr

Liam Smith apologises for alleged homophobic comments towards Chris Eubank Jr

Liam Smith has apologised for perceived homophobic comments towards Chris Eubank Jr at a press conference last week.

Ahead of the pair’s fight at the Manchester Arena on Saturday, which Smith won by TKO, the Liverpudlian appeared to imply that Eubank was homosexual, in an apparent attempt at trash talk ahead of the bout.

Liam Smith attempts to goad Chris Eubank Jr.

“Has anybody in this room ever seen you with a girl? Have you got something to tell us?” asked Smith before later adding “I like women,” when Eubank suggested that he “slide into” his DMs.

Smith’s behaviour led to widespread accusations of homophobia, and in an interview on talkSPORT on Monday morning, he offered an apology for his comments.

“I’m not a homophobic man.”

“I fully regret it,” he said. “It’s come across so wrong in the way it played out. It shouldn’t have been said anyway but it was a press conference and you kind of forget that there are cameras and millions of people watching.

“I apologise to anyone who took offence. I’m not a homophobic man, I come from a good family, I’m far from a homophobe. I can only apologise. I’ve obviously lost fans who I’ll probably never get back.”

After the comments were made, Eubank appeared at the weigh-in wearing a rainbow armband and posted a picture of this on Instagram along with the caption “We don’t discriminate… we don’t alienate. We want boxing & sport as a whole, to be all inclusive.” 

Smith v Eubank Jr.

Smith defeated Eubank in the fourth round of their fight on Saturday, after twice knocking his opponent to the canvas.

The referee stopped the fight, despite Eubank wanting to carry on, and the son of former world champion Chris Eubank Sr took to Twitter afterwards to congratulate the man known as ‘Beefy‘.

“Congratulations to Liam tonight”, he posted. “Nice lil shot you caught me with there my boy. Felt like I could of [sic] kept going but referee is in charge & I respect his decision. We’ll get it on again soon.”

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