Tyron Woodley’s Instagram could confirm he’s replacing Tommy Fury in Jake Paul bout

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley set to replace Tommy Fury for Jake Paul bout

According to Mirror Fighting sources, Tommy Fury has pulled out of his fight against Jake Paul only 12 days before the bout, with Tyron Woodley set to step in.

Tyron Woodley will be looking to redeem himself after losing to Jake Paul in their first fight. Woodley lost to Paul via decision in their August bout where Woodley regretted not capitalising on the opportunities he had to finish Paul.

Woodley was so confident in his ability to beat Paul in a second bout that he agreed to get an ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo to seal the deal on a rematch.

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul off

Drama Alert host, Keemstar, also confirmed the news by claiming that he had two sources tell him the fight was off.

He said: “I’ve got two sources now. Two sources telling me that Tommy fury is dropping out of the fight with Jake Paul.

“The whole thing is about to get cancelled, allegedly. This is what I’m hearing from two sources.

“Now, I’ve also heard this. Another boxer is taking his place. Tyron Woodley. This is what I’m hearing people but it’s all supposed to be announced in a couple of hours.”

Tyron Woodley also took to his Instagram story in the midst of all this with a post that might indicate that he will fight Paul.

“Very blessed and thankful.

“God doesn’t keep count of our transgression towards him.”

While the post doesn’t confirm anything, his gratitude does look to be referencing the big money fight that he’s about to undertake and the chance he has to redeem himself.

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