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Tyron Woodley didn’t ever see Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury going ahead

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley reveals why he was ready to step in after Tommy Fury pulled out of Jake Paul fight.

Tyron Woodley decided to step in for Tommy Fury when the English boxer had to pull out of his bout with Jake Paul. Woodley has since said that he has been training hard in the meantime as he had a feeling his services would be required.

When speaking on Submission Radio, Woodley revealed why he didn’t think the bout would go ahead.

“I just really felt like the fight didn’t make a lot of sense. Jake cares about what people think.

“He cares about what the fans say, the critics say and he wants to be respected as a real fighter so fighting Tommy Fury who’s a ‘boxer’, he felt was going to give him some credibility and validate him as a boxer.”

After their first fight, Woodley was particularly eager to get this rematch as he felt as though victory should have been his.

“As far as the fight having controversy, one judge said I won the fight and many many fans thought I won the fight.

“I actually went back and watched the fight myself and I felt like I won rounds four, five, six, seven, and eight and even in the first three rounds there wasn’t a lot going on. He may have thrown a lot more but he wasn’t really landing.”


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The rematch

After the way their first fight had gone, Woodley didn’t feel like Fury was the right opponent for Paul and couldn’t see his story with Paul coming to an end after just one bout.

“At the end of the day, I feel like I won the fight, the fans were more excited about that fight and they were talking more about me and Jake than they were ever about him and Tommy.

“It just didn’t sit right that that’s the way the storyline between me and Jake would end. I feel like it’s going to be multiple fights.”

Woodley had such a strong feeling about Fury not showing up that he has been doing a full training camp in the meantime.

“I told my coach and I flew him out to St Louis and said let’s start training man, let’s get prepared. I don’t feel like this fight’s going to happen. Something in my spirit tells me that this fight will not happen.”

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