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“This pullout hurts everybody” – Eddie Hearn denies Dillian Whyte rumours

Hearn Whyte

Eddie Hearn has claimed that nothing suspicious was going on in Dillian Whyte’s camp and that his injury is the sole reason for the fight being called off.

When asked about Whyte’s injury, Hearn clarified that there was no funny business going on and that the British heavyweight genuinely would not be able to fight next week.

While speculation has been that he pulled out in favour of a bout with Fury in the near future, the reality is that pulling out wouldn’t even be a smart tactic, according to Hearn.

“If we would have done that we would have done it three weeks ago. Dillian Whyte has been paying four or five sparring partners out in Portugal. He’s got a full-time camp running with all his team,” Hearn told IFL TV.

“We got this news about Tyson Fury three weeks ago and we all talked about the news but it was never discussed, ‘Ooh shall we pull out’ but obviously people are saying, why would you fight Otto Wallin when you’re gonna fight Tyson Fury.

Not a choice Whyte would make

Not only would the plan not have been an advantage for Whyte but Hearn believes that it was never a decision that Whyte would make.

“Dillian Whyte made the decision to move forward with the fight. He was never gonna pull out of the fight.

“He’s been training since April, May for this fight, he’s making a lot of money for this fight. It’s a fight that he believes he can win… so that’s not the case at all, there’s no value. This pullout hurts everybody

“It hurts Dillian Whyte, he’s spent time and money and effort in this camp. It hurts us, obviously, it was never part of the plan.”

Moving forward

Hearn accepts the reality that his doctors cancelled the fight so that’s all there is to it. He can’t, however, confirm if a rescheduled fight is on the cards or if the Fury fight needs to be made.

“There’s no mucking around on the injury at all. He’s not fit to fight. That’s the truth.

“Yes, if this was his last fight what would he have done? To be honest with you he probably still would have pulled out because he’e in pain. It’s not like he might break down after 11 rounds. He’s in pain without training so it’s a no brainer.

“I would think that Dillian Whyte’s next fight would be Tyson Fury but we’ll have to see. I’m not ruling out the Wallin fight.”

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