Jake Paul shares how important making Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano a reality is to him

Jake Paul Amanda Serrano

Jake Paul believes that Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor will be the biggest women’s fight in boxing history

Following Jake Paul’s KO victory against Tyron Woodley, Paul was asked about his latest promoting venture with Most Valuable Productions, where he will look to play his part in organising Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor.

When asked if Taylor vs Serrano could be its own main event as opposed to being a co-main on one of Paul’s cards, Paul clarified how big the bout could be

“That’s its own main event for sure,” said Paul. “I’m going to do everything in my power to make that fight the biggest female boxing fight in the history of the sport and a historic moment.”

“Amanda is a superstar, she almost got her opponent out of there in the first round and she can punch. She’s an exciting fighter, a real superstar and we’re excited to take her to a whole other level with MVP.”

Helping others

Paul also believes that helping make this fight would be one of his top accomplishments as he wants to help bring others around him up as well.

“I love to bring everyone up around me and to support my friends because if they’re growing, I’m growing and that’s what I’ve noticed and so it’s high on the list.

“It’s so satisfying because she deserves the money and the notoriety more than I do. She’s put in thousands and hundreds of hours in the gym and she deserves the big payday that she’s going to get. She deserves to be able to retire from boxing and not work again.”

Paul then said that women’s boxing as a whole hasn’t reached the heights that he would like to see it at.

“That hasn’t been the case for women’s boxing, they’ve been underpaid and taken advantage of and it’s an amazing accomplishment for me to be able to help her and she’s such an awesome person.”

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