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“He’s not hiding anything” – Hearn on Joshua’s trip to America

Hearn Joshua

Eddie Hearn has addressed rumours surrounding Anthony Joshua’s trip to America and has claimed that he didn’t go out there with a plan to find a new trainer.

Hearn wasn’t impressed with the level of speculation surrounding Joshua’s trip. The trip saw Joshua visiting some big names in boxing like Canelo Alvarez and drummed up speculation that he was looking for a new trainer.

“The speculation’s been unbelievable, hasn’t it? He came out with me to the states, he wanted to have a chill. He wanted to travel around, he wanted to see gyms, he wanted to speak to people.

“You know he’s a guy who loves to absorb knowledge and he went to see a number of gyms and fighters and trainers. He hasn’t split from Rob McCracken, he hasn’t decided he’s going to join another trainer.”

Next moves

Hearn could only speculate over Josua’s next move but clarified that the boxer didn’t go out there with the sole purpose of finding a new trainer following his Usyk fight.

“I think he’s just trying to learn. Trying to look at his set-up, trying to learn ways to improve and he’s working.

“I’ve never seen him so focused, for a fight, for a rematch and he just wants to get it 100% right. He knows he must win this fight.”

Alternative solutions

Hearn said that other changes may come from the trip that wouldn’t mean a split with McCracken.

“That wasn’t the reason behind the trip. It wasn’t like, ‘I’m going to America to find a new trainer,’ no. It was just ‘I wanna get away.’

“It might have been more to do with the set-up and where he trains. Does he need a new environment to train in?

“There’s no definitive mindset, It’s just experiences… It doesn’t mean AJ’s moving to America.”

Hearn also clarified that Joshua’s hunger for knowledge is a big part of why he went. He claims that his rematch is all that’s on his mind at the moment.

“He’s a very driven individual, so since this defeat, all he’s thought about is how to win this rematch.

“While he’s got this downtime, this is the kind of individual AJ is. He’s not partying, he’s not going on holiday, he’s not out enjoying himself. He just wants to get it right.”

With the need to defeat Usyk, Hearn said there would be no other competitors in the reckoning for his next outing. Just a rematch. “For AJ, there’s no other fight.”

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