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Frank Warren aims ‘crybaby’ dig at Eddie Hearn for Sky comments

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Sky Sports and Eddie Hearn seem to have developed a bit of animosity between themselves since Hearn’s departure.

Eddie Hearn left Sky Sports to work with Dazn UK last year but seemed frustrated that the company did not give Katie Taylor the coverage she deserved in her recent bout with Amanda Serrano.

Hearn’s comments called for a response from Sky with the head of Sky Boxing, Adam Smith, responding that Hearn has no right to complain about their business since he left.

“Eddie left Sky (he left) to set up his own venture with DAZN so why would you bother?,” Johnny Nelson explained.

“It’s like having a girlfriend and leaving them then complaining about what she’s doing when you’re with someone else. Why is he bothered about what Sky are doing or not doing?”

Frank Warren

The Sky controversy has caused quite a bit of a stir but Frank Warren was particularly happy to weigh in on his rival’s comments.

“It’s crybaby stuff, isn’t it?” said Warren with a smile. “It’s only come from the other side.

“Now they know what it’s like when you haven’t got that publicity machine banging the drum for you, you’ve got to get out and do it yourself now, you’ve got to get off your ass.”

Warren clearly doesn’t believe that Hearn is the promoter he lets on to be without having the backing of Sky Sports behind him.

“It’s called promotion. Welcome to the new world. If you’d done a few shows in the early days, off TV, working hard, then you find out what promoting is all about and then you haven’t got to give tickets away or reduce the prices.”

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