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Chris Eubank Jr finds opportunity in Canelo Alvarez loss

Chris Eubank jr Canelo Alvarez

With Canelo Alvarez looking for a rematch with Dmitry Bivol, Chris Eubank Jr could have a big money fight ahead of him.

It was only a matter of time before other fighters started to spot opportunities after Canelo Alvarez’s loss to Dmitry Bivol but Chris Eubank Jr might have spotted the perfect one that doesn’t directly involve Alvarez.

“Canelo losing, for me, presents a very big opportunity,” said Eubank on IFL TV.

“If Canelo is going to take that rematch, which he may not, but if he does, (Gennady) Golovkin needs an opponent.”

Eubank would be the most recognisable name that Golovkin could go up against, if not also the best, outside of Alvarez and with a Bivol rematch looking likely, he could be making the right decision to go after ‘GGG’.

“You tell me, who else on the planet would be a better fight for Gennady Golovkin right now. Who else do other people want to see Golovkin fight more. I don’t know any other names.”

Fresh meat

The British boxer even took things a step further by saying that nobody cares about the Golovkin vs Alvarez trilogy bout and if it’s anything like the Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury trilogy, he could be right in saying the appetite mightn’t be as big as it was for the first two.

“The trilogy? Nobody cares.

“What’s there to care about? They’ve done it twice, we’ve seen enough.”

The bout would be sure to generate huge money for all involved but Eubank getting a shot could be a great fight to keep Golovkin busy while Alvarez gets his Bivol rematch. If Eubank wins, it wouldn’t be ideal for Golovkin but it would make for an even bigger fight for Alvarez.

“They need to be getting in the ring with live opponents, new fresh meat. Who’s Golovkin fought other than Canelo?

“He just bounces around, random guy to random guy, waiting for this rematch, waiting for a big-money payday with Canelo, it’s embarrassing.

“He needs to defend those belts, Canelo’s not a middleweight.

“What? Are you going to just hang onto these belts for months and months? It shouldn’t be allowed.

“He needs to defend his belts or give them up because there are guys that want to fight for titles in the middleweight division.”

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