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Paddy Barnes Facing Trouble With Paddy Power

Can you blame an amateur boxer from trying to make a few quid?

Two-time Olympic bronze medalist Paddy Barnes is set to box at light flyweight in the Rio Olympics. While professional boxers are now eligible to compete at the Olympics for the first time, hopes are high for the Team Ireland boxers. Of Ireland’s 29 Olympic medals to date, the boxers claim over 50 per cent, placing 16 times.

Barnes, who will be Ireland’s flag bearer at the games, made headlines when he expressed the view that the introduction of professionals in Rio was a great development for the sport.

However, the 29-year-old may now find himself in a spot of bother with a a major betting company. On Tuesday morning, he posted his new range of sports gear, namely hats and t-shirts with “Paddy” written on them.

The slogan was accompanied by a picture of the man himself.

Barnes has done his country proud for many years and you would imagine that no-one would begrudge him the opportunity to make a few Euro. However, the Belfast fighter later returned to Twitter to post a picture of a cease and desist letter, headlined by gambling company Paddy Power.

A cease and desist letter in this vein is usually served in alleged incidents of copyright infringement, trademark infringement or passing off.

Under Irish law, the latter pair of these is most likely as the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 protects classical copyrights. While this contains literary works, concepts and styles do not come within the remit of copyright.

However, it is evidently unclear as to whether Barnes received this letter from a Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or British Paddy Power legal department.  The applicable law or statute is dependent upon that.

Whether Barnes will live to regret sharing this letter remains to be seen. However, one must admit that the font and design of the writing emblazoned across the pictured t-shirts is nearly identical to that of the prominent Paddy Power imagery that is used in numerous advertisements across several mediums.

A number of tweets passed over and back before the two parties decided to try and end this dispute privately.

Hopefully this all gets sorted expediently so as Paddy (Barnes) can continue preparing for the games and do his country proud in Rio.

One would expect the overwhelming view to be; what if an Olympic star makes some money at the expense of a highly prosperous sports gambling company. They will make much more off Barnes’ work with Team Ireland than he is likely to get from a few t-shirts.

Garbh Madigan, Pundit Arena

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