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Shannon Courtenay maintains Ebanie Bridges sold their fight for the “wrong reasons”


British boxer Shannon Courtenay has stood by the criticism she directed at Ebanie Bridges before the pair’s bantamweight world title fight.

Bridges has come under criticism before for attending he weigh-ins in lingerie, and once again drew the ire of her opponent when she followed her usual routine before her fight with Courtenay.

Courtenay, who had said that “Katie Taylor did not pave the way for us to be talking about underwear”, told Sky Sports that she was standing by her comments.

“I still stand by what I said beforehand. I didn’t like the way that she was trying to sell the fight and I feel like she was selling the fight for the wrong reasons, talking about lingerie and things like that,” Courtenay explained.

“But we lived up to the fight. I feel like we delivered on the night and everyone is saying it’s fight of the year, one of the best female fights they have ever seen, so we definitely delivered.”

Unanimous decision victory.

Courtenay was awarded the win by unanimous decision after 10 rounds, in what was an action-packed fight between two talented bantamweight boxers.

The fight has been widely praised for its quality and ferocity, as even an extremely nasty eye injury suffered by Bridges did not stop the fight early.

Courtney was the deserved winner in the end, as the British boxer was awarded a 97-94 98-92 98-92 victory by the judges to hand her the vacant WBA bantamweight title.

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