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Oscar De La Hoya claims Eddie Hearn ‘ruined’ Anthony Joshua’s career

Oscar De La Hoya Eddie Hearn

Oscar De La Hoya has claimed that Eddie Hearn has “ruined” Anthony Joshua’s career after the British boxer lost to Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua was expected to retain his world heavyweight titles against Ukrainian challenger Usyk, but the smaller man proved to be the superior boxer in claiming a unanimous decision victory against the British fighter.

While the Londoner will get the chance to exact revenge on Usyk after stating his intention to trigger a rematch clause in the pair’s contract, Joshua’s planned fight with Tyson Fury now looks to be in serious doubt.

Golden Boy promoter De La Hoya posted a video of himself shared by IFL TV in which he takes several shots at Hearn for his promoting abilities, while claiming that he ruined Joshua’s career.

Oscar De La Hoya on Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua.

“Joshua vs Usyk, which nobody saw in the US because… what’s that promoter that has no clue what to do in the US? I think his name is Hearn or something,” De La Hoya said, pretending to forget his fellow promoter’s name.

“Thomas (sic) Hearn, stay in the UK and promote your fights. You have no clue what you’re doing in the US. DAZN is doing the right thing sticking with Golden Boy.

“Stay away from the US. He does not know how to promote… Usyk crowned himself world champion and Eddie Hearn ruined Joshua’s career.”

What next for Anthony Joshua?

While it’s fair to say that Joshua’s career being ruined is an exaggeration, the former world heavyweight champion has certainly suffered a set back due to his loss against Usyk.

Joshua was expected to fight Fury this year in what would have been arguably the biggest fight in British boxing history, but that bout now looks significantly less likely to happen.

The 2012 Olympic super-heavyweight gold medallist has recovered from one set back in his career already, after avenging his 2019 loss to Andy Ruiz, but his loss to Usyk is arguably more concerning.

Joshua managed to go the distance against Usyk, unlike in his previous loss to Ruiz, he was comprehensively outclassed by the Ukrainian.

For Joshua to prevail against Usyk he may need to go on the attack, in complete contrast to how he approached his second fight with Ruiz, and attempt to use his size against his smaller opponent.

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