Mike Tyson questions if Deontay Wilder is only interested in a big payday

Mike Tyson Deontay Wilder

Mike Tyson has questioned Deontay Wilder’s motives behind fighting Tyson Fury for a third time.

Wilder and Fury are set to face off for a third time next weekend, after the ‘Gypsy King’ eased to a TKO victory in the seventh round against his American opponent when the pair last fought in February 2020.

While the first fight between the two was a draw, Fury was in control for the majority of that bout and put in a significantly improved performance in their second encounter, and seemed largely uninterested in fighting Wilder again.

Although Wilder appears to be extremely eager to knock Fury out, Tyson questioned on ESNews whether Wilder is only interested in fighting his British namesake for a third time because of the money involved.

Mike Tyson on Deontay Wilder.

“It’s going to be good. I like Wilder but is he going in to win or is he going in for a big pay day?” Tyson questioned.

“[Wilder] They needs to go all out for five or six rounds. If you catch him you catch him. Everybody will be satisfied just going all out. Six rounds going all out, win or lose.

The former world heavyweight champion also commented on the current state of the heavyweight division and expressed his desire to see Oleksandr Usyk fight Wilder and Andy Ruiz after his rematch with Anthony Joshua.

“I want to see Usyk fight these other guys. Wilder and [Andy] Ruiz. I wanted to see Usyk fight those guys. Those guys are more experienced than [Anthony] Joshua,” Tyson said.

Wilder looks to cause another major upset in the heavyweight division.

Fury will be the strong favourite to beat Wilder again when the pair meet in Las Vegas next weekend, but the American will be hoping to emulate Oleksandr’s Usyk’s recent upset victory against Anthony Joshua.

It appeared that Fury and Joshua were on a collision course with one another, but a unification world heavyweight title bout between the two is now in doubt, and a Wilder win would make it even more unlikely.

Although Wilder, like Usyk, will be the underdog heading in his world heavyweight title fight, the American will be expected to use very different tactics to the Ukrainian boxer.

Fury has shown across their two fights that he is a technically superior boxer to Wilder, but the American certainly has the knock out power to end the fight early.

The Manchester native proved he is well capable of hurting Wilder in their second fight, and he has spoken about wanting to end the fight early, but going all out like Tyson suggests could lead to disaster for Fury.

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