Mike Tyson reveals Anthony Joshua’s one fatal flaw


Mike Tyson has admitted he is worried about Anthony Joshua in his upcoming fight with Tyson Fury, despite calling the Watford native a “masterful puncher”.

A fight between the two British heavyweights is drawing ever closer, with Joshua and Fury likely to face off in the ring in June, according to promoter Eddie Hearn.

The two fighters are in the prime of their careers ahead of their heavyweight title unification bout, but former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson told the BBC’s No Passion, No Point podcast that he believes Joshua’s predictability will give his namesake the advantage.

“It’s very interesting, Joshua is a masterful puncher. But you can see his punches coming, he telegraphs his punches.

“And that’s just a recipe for disaster if you’re fighting Tyson Fury and you’re telegraphing your punches – to a guy whose 6ft 7in, come on,” Tyson commented.

‘Anyone who says its a bad division is jealous’

While all eyes in the heavyweight division are currently on Joshua and Fury, Tyson believes there are plenty of great fighters competing at heavyweight that could challenge the two current champs.

“I think there are a lot of great heavyweight fighters in the division. Anyone who says that it’s a bad division is just jealous, it’s exciting,’ Tyson said.

“Tyson can fight Wilder again and I like to see guys fight each other over and over again, if they’re exciting fighters. [Wilder] did [make mistakes], but if the fans want it, that’s what it’s all about.

“Tyson Fury is a fan fighter. The fans are in love with him, he has the momentum now. In England, Anthony Joshua is a big thing. But Tyson Fury has got the people now, he’s got the masses. They follow him like he’s a messiah,” Tyson explained.

While negotiations are ongoing, it is believed the fight will not take place in the UK, due to the current coronavirus restrictions in the country, with locations in the Middle East, the US and Australia all a possibility.

A rematch clause is likely to be in the final contract however, meaning British fans may get to see the two best heavyweight boxers the country has to offer at a later date.

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