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Katie Taylor recovers superbly to win blockbuster fight with Amanda Serrano

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor looked dangerously close to defeat in the fifth round, but came back from the brink to claim a split decision victory against Amanda Serrano.

The fight dubbed as the biggest in the history of women’s boxing before a punch was even thrown certainly lived up to its potential, as Taylor and Serrano fought furiously over the course of 10 rounds.

Although Serrano may have thrown more punches on the night, Taylor was more precise and clinical with her attacks and was able to evade most of what the Puerto Rican boxer threw at her.

Katie Taylor remains an unbeaten and undisputed champion.

The Irishwoman certainly didn’t have it all her own way however, as Serrano looked to be getting the upper hand in the middle rounds, and came close to dropping Taylor in the fifth round, but the bloodied Irishwoman was able to hold on until the bell.

Taylor took control of the fight from the seventh round on however, and finished strongly by catching Serrano with a few powerful shots, before the final bell rang and the two fighters embraced in the ring.

A nervous wait for the official decision ensued after a close fight, with Taylor ultimately announced as the winner by split decision, with two judges scoring it 97-93 and 96-93 for the Bray woman, while the third scored it 96-94 for Serrano.

Amanda Serrano was gracious in defeat.

Despite the decision going against her, the overriding emotion for Serrano after the fight appeared to be one of pride in herself, in her opponent and in women’s boxing.

“I’m happy we did this. Look at what the hell we did. They say, ‘Nobody wants to see women.’ This place is jam-packed. I appreciate all of you guys for coming down; Irish, Boniquas, we put on a hell of a show,” Serrano said.

“Katie’s a great champion. She’s undefeated, she’s the undisputed champion. I’m truly honoured to have shared the ring with you. The best versus the best. You don’t see that much.

“I’m just so overwhelmed. Look at this crowd. Women can sell, women can fight and we put on a hell of a show.”

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