‘I exposed Katie Taylor’s downfalls’ – Jessica McCaskill

Jessica McCaskill has claimed that Katie Taylor “hasn’t changed very much at all” since she last fought her just over three years ago.

Taylor secured a unanimous decision victory over McCaskill when they fought in December 2017 and has remained unbeaten as a professional boxer since then, picking up several world lightweight titles.

McCaskill hasn’t lost since the bout with Taylor and became the world welterweight champion by beating Cecilia Braekhus last year.

A rematch between the two might be on the cards for 2021, and although both women haven’t lost a fight since their last meeting, McCaskill told Sky Sports that she believes Taylor has failed to evolve as a fighter in that time.

“She hasn’t changed very much at all. Three years ago I was very green, after coming into the sport with only 25 amateur fights. In Chicago I was fast-tracked.

“I have incorporated a nutritionist, a strength and conditioning coach and different sparring over the years. We are more experienced.

“I wouldn’t say it didn’t go right for me. People ask what I would do differently? What did I learn? I learned that my team is prepared for the big stage. That was my biggest fight at the time,” McCaskill said.

‘I almost knocked her out with a left hook’

Despite believing that she was somewhat inexperienced for her first bout with Taylor, the American boxer feels like she almost defeated the Olympic gold medallist.

“We gave Katie a great fight and almost knocked her out with a left hook. It wasn’t that we weren’t prepared. We did everything that we were supposed to do. I wouldn’t go back and change anything – if I was on the wrong path, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“I exposed a lot of her downfalls as a boxer. Then, everybody wanted to fight her,” McCaskill commented.

A rematch between Taylor and McCaskill is looking increasingly likely, as boxing promoter Eddie Hearn seems eager to make the fight happen.

“We are doing the Jessica McCaskill vs Cecilia Braekhus rematch in early March and I think you will see Katie fight the winner in the summer,” Hearn stated.

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