John Fury gives prediction for his son Tyson’s fight against Deontay Wilder

John Fury Deontay Wilder

John Fury predicts Tyson will knock out Deontay Wilder in five rounds.

John Fury has predicted that his son Tyson will knock out out Deontay Wilder within five rounds, despite labelling the American as the “most dangerous heavyweight out there”.

The pair will fight for the third time on the ninth of October, after being delayed due to Fury testing positive for covid, in what could be a major stumbling block for the world heavyweight champion.

The elder Fury was speaking to BT Sport about his son’s upcoming fight with Wilder and acknowledged that the American has the power to cause an upset.

John Fury acknowledges Deontay Wilder’s power.

“If you don’t do it right, your belt stays in America. I know he [Fury] flattened him [Wilder] last time; he busted him last time, but let me tell you, without preparation, something can go wrong,” John Fury said.

“Deontay Wilder is still the most dangerous heavyweight out there. You’ve got to give him his respect. I hate him as a man. He’s not a man, in fact.

“He’s a piece of rubbish, but that piece of rubbish can fight, and he can punch. So we got to get it right. If it was down to me, it will be right.”

‘It’ll be a quicker job than it was last time.’

Fury claimed a dominant victory against Wilder in their second bout, claiming a win by TKO in the seventh round after sending his opponent to the canvas on several occasions.

While the heavyweight champion’s father is wary of a Wilder looking for revenge, he is confident that his son will make short work of the American if he prepares properly.

“I think if he’s [Fury] on his A-game, we tick on the boxes, it’ll be over within five rounds,” John Fury predicted.

“It’ll be a quicker job than it was last time. AJ [Anthony Joshua], we should get him straight after. I’m not interested in anything. I wasn’t even interested in Wilder.

“I’m still not interested in Wilder, but he’s cropped up, he’s a bump in the road, and we got to get through him.”

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