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Eddie Hearn questions reasons behind Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder postponement

Eddie Hearn Tyson Fury

Eddie Hearn has questioned whether Tyson Fury’s third bout with Deontay Wilder has been postponed due to poor ticket sales.

While not yet confirmed, Fury’s bout with Wilder looks set to be postponed until October, after reports emerged of the heavyweight champion testing positive for covid.

However, Hearn has speaking to iFL TV and questioned whether there is an alternative reason for the trilogy bout between Fury and Wilder being called off.

‘It does start stinking a little bit.’

“Whether it’s covid-related, whether it’s they haven’t sold any tickets, whether it was worry that the pay-per-view was going to flop, whether it was Fury’s camp wasn’t going great, I have no idea.

“I’m sure someone has got covid, and it’s not an unusual occurrence. I think when you look at the manifest and the seats available online, you look at how few tickets were sold for the event – it does start stinking a little bit.

“But I’m sure there’s some truth to it. October is a bit weird. It’s all a bit weird. The fight might be delayed because someone in the camp has got covid.

“An hour later, Fury’s got covid, and then an hour later, it’s off. Top Rank said, ‘No, it’s not off at the moment – we’ll keep you updated.’ Then a half an hour later, it’s off. Who knows?

“It’s very difficult, when he had the dealing which we had [with Fury’s camp] to believe anything.”

Eddie Hearn suggests Deontay Wilder should fight Dillian Whyte.

As Fury looks to be unable to fight Wilder on the 24th of July, Hearn suggested that the American should instead fight Dillian Whyte on the same day.

Whyte and Wilder have traded insults with one another on a number of occasions over the last few years, although a fight has never happened between the two.

Although Hearn took to Twitter to announce that Whyte was willing to step in for Fury to fight Wilder on short notice, the American is unlikely to agree to a bout if the trilogy fight with Fury is set to take place in October.

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