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Eddie Hearn reveals why he didn’t sign Tyson Fury before his comeback

Eddie Hearn Tyson Fury

Eddie Hearn has revealed that he didn’t sign Tyson Fury shortly before the heavyweight boxer’s comeback because he never thought he would fight again.

Matchroom Sport boxing promoter Hearn met up with Fury after the ‘Gyspy King’ had decided to return to boxing, having previously retired after he became a world heavyweight champion by beating Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015.

Fury certainly didn’t stay in fighting shape during his early retirement, as his mental health problems led to excessive eating, as well as excessive drink and drug use, which saw him gain a huge amount of weight.

Hearn was speaking on the Boxing Social podcast and admitted that Fury’s physical condition at the time of their meeting persuaded him against signing him.

Tyson Fury Francis Ngannou

Eddie Hearn on why he didn’t sign Tyson Fury.

“I honestly never regret anything. I think it’s hard because AJ [Anthony Joshua] is a very close friend of mine and to have those guys together… I always wanted those guys to fight and for AJ to be our guy,” Hearn explained.

“With Tyson, I flew him out to Monaco and he was 26 stone. He was sitting where you are, he was sweating and I just thought to myself, ‘You ain’t ever fighting again.’

“The plan was to have two easy fights, by that we meant Sefer Seferi and those kind of guys which he had, but then have a step up and fight a Manuel Charr or someone like this.

“Now, if I would have known that he would have gone Sefer Seferi, someone else and then Deontay Wilder, I would have been all over it.”

‘Right now, he’s the number one heavyweight.’

Fury and Hearn haven’t always seen eye to eye, with the world heavyweight champion having labelled the boxing promoter as a “proper southern wanker” in an interview with Gary Neville last September.

Despite that, Hearn claims that he harbours no ill will towards Fury.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Tyson Fury. People sometimes get it mixed because sometimes I’ll say this and he’ll say that,” Hearn said.

“But this is a guy that done something that certainly most couldn’t do, or that I couldn’t do, which was get himself from a physical position where he was finished, done – to not just fighting fit, but to go and win the world heavyweight championship.

“I never really say anything bad about Tyson Fury, sometimes I have thought he wasn’t the best heavyweight in the world. He’s gone on to prove to me that, right now, on paper he’s the number one heavyweight in the world.”

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