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Eddie Hearn says Dillian Whyte is willing to fight Deontay Wilder this month

Dillian Whyte Deontay Wilder

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that Dillian Whyte is willing to step in for Tyson Fury to fight Deontay Wilder on the 24th of July.

The trilogy fight between Fury and Wilder is set to be postponed, after reports emerged that several people in Fury’s camp, including the heavyweight champion himself, have tested positive for covid.

While no official announcement has been made as of yet, the bout is expected to be postponed until some time in October.

Hearn insists Whyte is ready to jump in.

Although it now appears as though Fury will not be available for the trilogy fight with Wilder this month, fellow British heavyweight Dillian Whyte is eager to step in, according to Hearn.

Hearn took to Twitter to announce that his fighter was interested in getting into the ring with Wilder this month, even though he is set to fight to August.

“Spoke to Dillian Whyte – he is due to fight end of August but ready to jump in July 24 v Wilder,” Hearn tweeted.

Dillian Whyte’s previous call outs of Deontay Wilder.

Whyte has attempted to arrange a fight between himself and Wilder on numerous occasion before now, and most recently insulted the American boxer over his “baby bench press” of 140 kilos.

The British boxer took great joy in Wilder’s loss to Fury in February last year, and still has a tweet from that same month in which he calls the American a “lying coward” pinned to his Twitter page.

However, Wilder insisted in an interview with Sky Sports last month that Whyte has had the opportunity to fight him in the past, but indicated that the British boxer decided against it.

“Dillian Whyte could’ve got this work. He ain’t s*** to my toilet paper, that I flushed a year ago. But let him keep fighting, keep going mate. And soon we shall see each other once more.

“See if he grows some type of ball. He’s the bottom of my feet, he’s the scum between my toes. That’s what I look at him [as].”

While Whyte may be eager to fight Wilder, the bout is unlikely to happen on short notice, especially if the trilogy fight with Fury is set to go ahead in October.

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