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Demetrious Johnson expects Jake Paul to beat Ben Askren


Former UFC Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has admitted that he thinks Jake Paul will beat Ben Askren in their upcoming boxing bout.

Paul and Askren are set to fight on the 17th of April, in an unusual bout that will take place between a YouTube star and a former MMA fighter.

While Askren has far more experience in professional fights, Johnson told MMA Fighting that he expects Paul to win due to the former UFC fighter’s lack of boxing skills.

“Let’s all be honest, and Ben Askren I think would talk about it, Ben Askren hasn’t been the best striker in mixed martial arts. Do I think he’ll be the best striker in boxing? I would say I don’t think it’s gonna happen.” Johnson said.

“I’m not discounting Ben Askren out of this fight. But if somebody came to me and said, ‘Demetrious Johnson, here’s $1 million, who are you putting the money on?’

“‘You have to f*ckin bet, if you don’t bet, I’m taking the $1 million with me,’ well, f*ck, I’m throwing it on Jake Paul. I think he’s going to win the fight. If I don’t bet, I’m going to lose it anyways so I’ll go ahead and bet on Jake Paul.”

‘I hope he wins because he’s from my line of sport.’

Despite Johnson wanting Askren to win the fight, the UFC veteran reckons the YouTube star’s knockout power could decide the winner on the night.

“I want Ben Askren to win. I hope he wins because he comes from my line of sport,” Johnson explained.

“He’s a wrestler taking on a YouTube star. But when I look at it, I’m like, dude, Jake Paul actually has knockout power. Ben Askren’s been knocked out before so it’s not like it can’t happen again.”

Paul has won both of his professional boxing fights to date, while despite Askren’s vast experience in the world of MMA, the 36-year-old has never fought under boxing rules before.

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