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David Haye slams Vitor Belfort for celebrating after overwhelming Evander Holyfield

David Haye Vitor Belfort

David Haye has criticised Vitor Belfort for celebrating after the former UFC fighter beat Evander Holyfield within one round.

Holyfield made an unsuccessful return to the ring 10 years on from his last fight, as the former world heavyweight champion was quickly overwhelmed by Belfort, with the referee calling a stop to the contest less than two minutes in.

The 58-year-old is in incredible shape for his age, but it quickly became apparent that Holyfield was nowhere near fast or powerful enough to deal with Belfort, who turned 44 in April.

Haye was speaking to IFL TV after the fight and expressed his annoyance with Belfort, and claimed that the Brazilian told him that he would “respect” Holyfield the day before the fight.

Evander Holyfield

David Haye on Vitor Belfort’s celebrations.

“It was horrible to see my hero getting starched in one round. I really didn’t like seeing that at all,” Haye said.

“But that’s boxing. I thought the fight was going to be an exhibition of boxing. There was no real exhibition there it was just Vitor Belfort being very powerful early.

“I talked to Vitor yesterday at the weigh-in. I said ‘You’re not going to just go out there and just smoke him?’ Because obviously he’s 44 and he’s still in good shape. He’s young, he’s fresh and he’s fighting a 58-year-old.

“I said ‘You’re going to show him some respect?’ He said ‘Yeah, legends respect legends.’ So I thought,’Ok, he’s going to move him around and you might see a points decision.’

“But he went out there and just blasted him out of it. I thought, ‘What are you doing dude? He’s 58.’ He was celebrating like he’d done something impressive. What’s impressive about knocking out a 58-year-old?”

What’s next for Haye and Holyfield?

While Haye had originally insisted that his fight against Joe Fournier was a “one-off” and not the start of a comeback, the British boxer has clearly changed his mind as he called out Tyson Fury.

Haye and Fury were supposed to fight back in 2013, but the ‘Hayemaker’ had to pull out of their bout due to injury and a fight never took place between the two.

Fury is fighting Deontay Wilder for a third time next month and has stated his intention to fight Anthony Joshua soon after, so a potential fight against Haye is unlikely to take place any time soon.

Holyfield admitted that his return to the ring didn’t exactly go as planned, but insisted that he still wants to fight Mike Tyson for a third time anyway.

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