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David Haye believes his ‘speed and power’ would have beaten Tyson Fury


David Haye believes he would have beaten Tyson Fury had they fought back in 2013, as the current heavyweight champion was “young and inexperienced.”

Fury and Haye were supposed to fight each other in 2013 but Haye suffered a cut in a sparring session days before the fight was due to take place, and the bout was never rescheduled.

Haye was speaking to Sky Sports about how he reckons the fight would have gone down, explaining how he believes that he would have won based on Fury’s lack of experience at the time.

“Using my speed, using my punch power,” Haye said when asked how he would beat Fury.

“Back then in 2013, I believe it was, Tyson Fury wasn’t the fighter he is today. He was very young, he was very inexperienced. He wasn’t as teak tough as he is now.

“He hadn’t been through the trials and tribulations that’s made him the man and fighter he is today.”


‘It would have been the perfect bit of matchmaking’

Haye admitted that if the fight had gone ahead it would have been the “perfect” time for the bout to happen, as he would have been able to take Fury on before he was at his best.

“It would have been the perfect bit of matchmaking on my fight, if I was able to get him. [He was] a baby, in boxing terms,” Haye explained.


“He had been heavily knocked down by a non-punching cruiserweight in Steve Cunningham, so it was a perfect storm for me, but the fight didn’t happen. I got a cut before the fight and it never took place.”

Former heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion Haye wouldn’t fight again until 2016, when he took on Australian boxer Mark de Mori after almost four years away from the ring.

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