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Carl Frampton reveals his ‘deep hatred’ for McGuigans


Carl Frampton has spoken out about his tumultuous relationship with his former promoter Barry McGuigan.

The pair were involved in a court battle that was settled in November, where Frampton was suing McGuigan and Cyclone Promotions for alleged withheld earnings.

Frampton and McGuigan were very close in the past, with the Belfast boxer admitting they were “pretty much” like family, but was “extremely happy the court case was settled” and that he was “glad this chapter of [his] life is now behind” him.

McGuigan had launched a counter-suit against his former protege, claiming that Frampton was in breach of his contract by quitting Cyclone Promotions in 2017. Both men denied any wrongdoing during proceedings.

The Jackal has now opened up on his relationship with Barry McGuigan and his family, saying that he now despises all of them, despite their previously close relationship.

“There’s no relationship. It was settled so no-one can say they won or anything but what I can say is that I’m very happy with the settlement. I despise them, all of them. Hate them. It’s just the way it is.

“It is sad but it does happen in boxing. I like to think of myself as a nice guy … I loved these guys. I had Shane and Jake (another of Barry’s three sons) McGuigan as groomsmen at my wedding, I was a groomsman at Shane’s wedding; pretty much (like brothers).

“But I have a deep hatred for them now; all of them… I genuinely mean that; hate them,” Frampton said on James English’s Anything Goes podcast.

‘I never enjoyed boxing with the McGuigans.’

Frampton is now training under Jamie Moore and has won five of his last six fights from moving away from McGuigan’s promotion.

While the Belfast man admitted that the McGuigan family were certainly knowledgeable when it comes to boxing, he has no regrets over changing promotion.

“I’m genuinely delighted I made that move. I never enjoyed boxing when I was with the McGuigans. There are interviews of me saying ‘I can’t wait until I’m 30 because I’m going to retire. I hate this game’.

“Barry’s a very knowledgeable boxing person. He knows boxing inside out. Shane is a very good trainer as well. I’ll always be honest and say they’re very good boxing people but I just don’t like them,” Frampton said.


(Originally published on January 19, 2021).

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