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Canelo Alvarez lands punch on Caleb Plant at press conference

Canelo Alvarez Caleb Plant

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant aren’t due to fight until November, but the Mexican boxer has already drawn first blood.

Both Alvarez and Plant will put their super middleweight world titles on the line when they fight in the ring on November 6, but the two have already come to blows.

The pair squared up to each other at last night’s press conference, which quickly turned ugly, as Alvarez pushed Plant away from him, before the American boxer calmly walked back towards his opponent before throwing a  slap at him.

Alvarez avoided being hit, before responding with a punch of his own, which cut Plant underneath his right eye.

Canelo Alvarez on why he pushed Caleb Plant.

Multiple weight world champion Alvarez explained his actions after his scuffle with Plant, claiming that the American had mentioned his mother while they were trading insults.

“You can say whatever to me, but not to my mom,” Canelo said, via Sky Sports.

“I’m going to fight anyone who says something about my mom. And he swung first. I just pushed him. He swung first, and I do what I do. He crossed the line.

“It will be over in eight rounds or less. I’m going to knock out this guy. Easy.”

Plant denied that he mentioned Alvarez’ mother, saying that the pair had “some normal back-and-forth banter” while the two were squared up to one another.

UFC President Dana White criticises Showtime for presser brawl.

While members of security did eventually swarm the stage, no one attempted to step in to stop a fight from happening after Alvarez’ initial push on Plant, with both men able to throw punches before being separated.

UFC President Dana White, who often stands between fighters himself at press conferences to stop a fight from breaking out, was highly critical of Showtime’s handling of the event.

“How long have you been in the business that you would let two fighters go up to each other face-to-face without somebody there to try to [stop them from fighting],” White said, via MMA Fighting.

“And then, when it breaks out, there’s like two women that are there before there’s a man anywhere near it.

“You couldn’t be fucking dumber than what they did today, risk a massive fight with one of the biggest stars in the sport, by not having the fighters safe.”

While there is over a month before the fight is set to take place, the bout could have been thrown into doubt had it been closer to the date, due to the cut Plant sustained under his eye.

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