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Bob Arum predicts Tyson Fury will be coaxed out of retirement

Tyson Fury

Bob Arum believes Tyson Fury will struggle to stay retired once he sees the rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.

Fury has insisted on several occasions that his career in professional boxing has come to an end, although many have suggested he should keep fighting with a couple of potential blockbuster bouts available to him.

The most high-profile bout Fury could take part in would of course be an undisputed world heavyweight title fight with the winner of the rematch between Usyk and Joshua, although he has said he’s not interested.

Nonetheless, boxing promoter Bob Arum was speaking to FightHype and predicted that Fury would be tempted out of retirement when he sees Usyk and Joshua fight for a second time.

Oleksandr Usyk

Bob Arum on Tyson fury’s retirement.

“When I meet with Tyson it’ll be social. We’re going to have dinner together and whatever he wants to bring up we’ll talk about,” Arum said.

“It won’t necessarily mean that he’ll talk any further about his retirement. With Tyson Fury, you’ve got to give him space. He’s got to consider what he wants to do.

“So again, I’m not going to push him for answers or anything. There’s no reason to, we’ll just have a nice conversation… When he says he’s retired, he means that he’s retired.

“But he means it now and whether he’ll mean it two months from now, that’s problematic. Once that Usyk-Joshua fight happens I think that the blood will stir in his body.”

The show isn’t over yet.

Even if Fury does stay true to his word and stay away from professional boxing, he has expressed interest in fighting UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a crossover bout.

Fury says he is willing to face Ngannou in a ring or an octagon and could wear MMA gloves instead of boxing gloves for the bout, although it is highly unlikely that kicks or takedowns will be allowed.

While a fight with Ngannou does appear to be Fury’s next move, a heavyweight unification title fight can’t be completely ruled out, given the 33-year-old’s previous return from retirement.


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