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Shocking New Details Emerge About Disgraceful Miranda Adkins Bout

Miranda Adkins

It was a fight that never should have happened and now, some disturbing details have emerged about Seniesa Estrada vs. Miranda Adkins.

The fall-out from last weekend’s controversial bout has continued into this week after Miranda Adkins fell victim to one of the fastest knockouts in women’s boxing history.

Estrada came out of her corner looking every bit the professional boxer, while the same could not be said for Adkins, whose stance was concerning from the opening bell.

Seven seconds later and Adkins was unconscious following a furious flurry from her opponent.

Seniesa Estrada defeated Miranda Adkins

Social media was awash with complaints about the visible difference in skill between the fighters and the aftermath has seen California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster express regret about green-lighting the contest.

“If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have approved that fight,” Foster told The Ring.

Golden Boy matchmaker Roberto Diaz echoed Foster’s regret and suggested that Adkins shouldn’t have been licensed if she was unable to meet certain skill requirements.

Further details suggest that her previous record was not what it seemed as an anonymous source told The Ring that some of Adkins’ former opponents were not boxers at all and didn’t even own basic fight gear.

The source revealed: “They show up to the venue with nothing. No shorts. No shoes. No mouthguard. Nothing. Then, they borrow from (other) fighters. It’s really f*cked up.”

There is little information available on how Adkins’ recovery is going after the concerning manner of her post-knockout fall, which saw her head bounce nastily on the canvas.

Diaz, albeit regretful, revealed how he arrived at the decision to make the Estrada vs. Adkins fight, explaining how he initially spoke to a number of better-equipped opponents before arriving at Adkins due to others’ unavailability for a variety of reasons.

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