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Logan Paul deletes tweet after John Kavanagh calls boxing licence into question

John Kavanagh

It’s the social media back-and-forth you never saw coming as Logan Paul has deleted a tweet making fun of John Kavanagh.

Straight Blast Gym head coach John Kavanagh spoke for many fans when he called into question the boxing licence that YouTuber Logan Paul was said to be receiving in order to box Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout.

Mayweather is at the stage of his career where he is exploring exhibition opportunities that are undeniably lucrative but not quite as taxing on the body.

John Kavanagh

That’s where Paul comes in as the social media personality, who was licensed to “professionally” box fellow YouTuber KSI last year, found himself in the running to share the ring with Mayweather.

The gulf in experience between Paul and Mayweather led Kavanagh to question the logic in letting the contest go ahead.

Kavanagh tweeted: “How is logan getting a pro license to fight mayweather? he has no pro combat sports experience? ‘yes but didnt conor get a boxing license to debut against him??’ true, but you’re a slow donkey if you think that is in anyway similar to a youtuber getting one for his debut.”

Referencing the fact that his most famous pupil, Conor McGregor, was licensed to fight Mayweather three years ago in his boxing debut, Kavanagh made a decent point in that McGregor has spent a lifetime training in combat sports that involve striking while the same could not be said for Paul.

John Kavanagh

Paul addressed Kavanagh’s opinion by sharing a screenshot of his BoxRec profile but he made a point of not including his record, which stands at 0-1 thanks to his split decision defeat to KSI last November.

Kavanagh has not responded to Paul’s “relax Karen” dig because he has bigger fish to fry as he finds himself in Las Vegas preparing Johnny Walker for his clash with Ryan Spann on Saturday night.

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