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Eddie Hearn responds to John Fury’s warning amid Anthony Joshua fight talks


The build-up to Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua promises to make for fascinating viewing.

While the fighters themselves are more than capable of cutting a fight-hyping promo, the representatives of both Fury and Joshua are also no strangers to voicing their opinions.

Fury’s father has warned Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn to be on his best behaviour in the pre-fight press conferences because John Fury will not stand for disrespect.

Tyson Fury

The former bare-knuckle boxer spoke to IFL TV this week and gave his opinion on the Hearn family as negotiations continue to drag on regarding the much-anticipated Fury vs. Joshua heavyweight unification clash.

“Don’t know him,” John said of Eddie. “I know Barry [Hearn] and the man’s never done me no harm.

“He’s always been right with me, the father, I don’t know the son. He’s only a pup, isn’t he? I don’t know him but he seems a bit arrogant to me.

“He wants putting across the knee and slapped on the arse, cracked round the ear hole. Thats’s what he’ll get around me if he messes me around, in a second.

“I pull rank on them kind of people because I can.

“The build-up might be better than the fight because if they come near me, they’ll get a back-hander. He’s not going to talk to me like that because I’ll stretch him.

“I’ll spank him like a kid and I don’t care if he sees this or not because it’s true.

“I don’t take the bullshit mate, sign the document! You have it in front of you, sign it!

“Sign the fucking paper!”

Hearn jokingly responded to the elder Fury’s threat but insisted that talks are progressing and that there is no danger of the heavyweight showdown falling through.

“You know I’m scared by big John Fury,” Hearn said. “Can he just not do it too hard?”

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